Hail Satan!
The Next Satanic Unity Summit has been Scheduled

Thursday April 29th - Sunday May 2nd 2010

Sponsored by the Brotherhood of Satan organization (BOS)
Held in conjunction with the BOS's 2010 Beltane Dark Arts Festival.

Background behind the Satanic Unity Summit

The Satanic Illuminati Council of the Brotherhood has for many years been observing and supporting the Public above ground Satanic Community, even before Anton Lavey founded The Church of Satan back in 1966. For 40 Years It waited to see if Satanic Unity would be Achieved as group after group sprung up to bring Satanism to the Forefront and the New Age of Satanas or Aquarius is fast approaching. Glimmers of hope sprung up, here and there, but something seemed to be missing.

It was with Wisdom, that the Elders of the Satanic Illuminati Council of the Brotherhood decided to create a Project to aid, the Public Satanic community. The Brotherhood chartered a Semi Public Organization, The Brotherhood of Satan (BOS). The Elders Assigned two very capable Arch High Clergy Members (Arch High Priest Druwydion Pendragon and Arch High Priestess Raven Pendragon) to prepare and build the foundations of the BOS.
In keeping with carefully planned timing the BOS officially opened its doors to the Public on June 6, 2006

The BOS Organization has steadily been growing since that time. While being a Semi-Public organization, the BOS maintains its ancient Traditions, Heritage and Landmarks of the Original Brotherhood Organization. These Traditions Include Secrecy, Testing and Proving of the Self as Worthy, and most importantly Brotherhood Satanic Principles and Codes of Conduct. These Principles are Embodied in our Satanic Statements and 13 Laws and Teach Mutual Respect, Maintaining Individuality and Working Together. These Satanic Principles are the Strong Foundation on which Unity is Based. As Satanists we are united in a Common set of values in the fact that we know...


(It is our belief, that it is each person's Satanic Right to believe in Satan however they wish.)

We are also fully aware that as Satanist we are comparatively out numbered by the main stream religions of the world. Some of these Faiths would even see us , as free thinkers, imprisoned, tortured or worse, as we have seen over the past centuries the treachery of their agendas, in such things as the Inquisitions, Crusades, and even as recently as this year in Africa, for practising our Craft and faith as Satanists, Occultists, Witches and Left Hand Path Practitioners.

If we as a Community are Ever to Survive and Thrive we must Unite and Stand Together!

See the Unity Workshop Video (3 Parts) with AHP Druwydion Pendragon and HP Gwydion Tiamat.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Therefore, We Call out to the Leaders of Every Left Hand Path and Satanic Organization with Our Left Hand extended in Satanic Friendship and Mutual Cooperation so that, We ALL will benefit from UNITY.

HPS Hekate DarkMoon, Satanic Illuminati Councilor, BOS USA
HP Gwydion Tiamat, Satanic Illuminati Councilor, BOS USA

Authorized by: AHP Druwydion Pendragon
TO inquire further about the Summit please email us at
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